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About Us

Elttila is co-founded by Brad Messenger, who graduated from Michigan State University. Shortly thereafter Brad opened a private practice in St. Johns Michigan. Having a natural gift for understanding people, Brad quickly saw the faults in modern psychotherapy. He believes that the current state of counseling in the United States is failing the people. Too many people get turned off by outpatient treatment – too many bad counselors doing less than helpful therapy techniques. In his years of therapy practice, Brad created a new approach that is extremely powerful in combating depression, anxiety and a wide range of other emotional issues. Starting with just himself as the only therapist on site, Brad brought this unique approach to psychotherapy to his clients and to the community. The new age approach helped the business to grow quickly, and there became a greater need for Brad's counseling approach – so he trained other therapists in his coaching system. He currently supervises and trains seventeen other counselors, social workers, and psychologists, and oversees the treatment of 6,000 therapy, psychology, and substance abuse treatment sessions per year. Believing that the approach is special to the world of mental and emotional health, Brad expanded his services online to help people around the world.

Elttila is created by Licensed Professional Mental Health Experts.

What People Are Saying About Us

I've never felt comfortable seeing a therapist. The offices make me nervous. I like that I can stay at home and see someone for help with my problems.


I never thought that men should go to therapy. Men are supposed to fix their problems by themselves. This company helps me with the stuff I need, but I don't feel like I'm being judged when I login online.


I never thought about instant messaging for a counseling service. But, sometimes it's great to be able to reach my counselor when I need her most!


I've had a feeling that something wasn't quite right with me for a long time, but I didn't want to go see a therapist because I was too embarrassed. I found Elttila and used the free symptom checker and it gave a me a better idea of what was going on. I signed up for a video chat session and the therapist was so friendly!


I've had health problems for the last several years and that means that I'm in and out of the hospital. Keeping appointments is really hard for me because I don't know if I'm going to suddenly have a problem. Elttila is great because I can have my laptop in the hospital and keep my appointments with my counselor.


I have struggled with personal problems for years. I bought Elttila's program and, even though it has only been a few weeks, I have been using the tools it is teaching me and I'm seeing a difference in my personal life!


I am a mother of three very active children. It's hard to get appointments that work with my schedule AND my children's schedule. Elttila is great because I can schedule an appointment while my kids are busy and have my session on my iPad.


I spent a week using your services under the coach Michelle. She was wonderfully insightful and quick to respond. Not only to I feel relieved after this program - I feel equipped with the tools I need to overcome any problems I may encounter. Michelle is awesome!


Before coming to Elttila I was struggling with anxiety and depression to the point that I was having trouble going to work or even the grocery store a minute from my house. I had always struggled with it and didn't truly understand it like I do now. I wasn't even working and I was having panic attacks almost weekly, probably even more often than that at times. I would shake and feel like I was dying or start shouting jibberish and swear. Not exactly something you can do in public, work, or otherwise. I have since I was a teenager kept this hidden. I had my first panic attack while in high school. My parents knew and know, but didn't, partly out of denial. I am 37, almost 38. They still don't understand or acknowledge the struggle probably out of fear. That's ok, that's them. I know. Long story short, I am doing so much better, it's like I am a new person. I have gone to the dentist, a huge fear for me. I get out of my house daily, work, and am not afraid of losing control. It could happen, but I have so many tools now that if it did I would know it would be ok. I am actually happy for the first time since I was very young. I feel excited about life. My relationships have improved. More importantly, I accept myself and treat myself well, both physical and mental. I can go to the store, I can talk to people at work; I can work. All because Brianna gently guided me toward a better way to think. I am so lucky to have found this great program! I needed the help and received it. It was convenient and a good value really! I would not be functioning without it.


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