Elttila - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Elttila?

Elttila is an online community that emphasizes the benefits of educating the world on how our minds work. Elttila provides an opportunity to improve your mood and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression without traditional therapy. Elttila is not a replacement for any mental health treatment; we educate you, so you can help yourself.

Elttila includes an online do it yourself educational program, user to user education, articles, symptom checkers, group discussions, and more. Elttila’s educational program was put together using the most effective psychological ideas including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytical therapy, and transactional analysis. Elttila’s information is also based on the teachings of the greatest psychological minds in history and was compiled over years of practical application.

Elttila has taken only the easiest to learn and most successful strategies for improving ones mood and made them available all in one place. In addition, the material is set up in a way that will walk the user through their education in a logical and easy to follow path.

Who created Elttila?

Elttila was created by experts in the field of psychotherapy who, just like you, have felt the burdens of stress, anxiety, depression, and the human condition. We believe that the benefits of psychology don’t need to be kept a secret. By sharing these secrets with the world we can improve millions of lives through education. Our education is proven by research to reduce anxiety, depression and many other stress related symptoms, and we want the world to have easy access to its benefits.

How does Elttila work?

We believe that to change a person is to change their awareness of themselves. By learning how your mind works, including how it works behind the scenes, you can learn the secrets that only psychologists know.

Through learning why you feel the way you do, and how your mind responds to these feelings, you can learn to improve your mood and achieve your goals.

How do I know Elttila will work for me?

The Elttila self help program is based on the exact same education used in a psychotherapist’s, psychologist’s or counselor’s office. There is no guarantee that your symptoms will improve but evidence shows that the strategies used, such as education on cognitive behavioral therapy, are the most successful form of treatment for improving ones mood, stress, and personal growth.

Who can benefit from Elttila?

Simply put – everyone. Stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood symptoms are all natural responses to being human. Everyone on earth experiences these emotions, everyone. Life is hard. These feelings are some of the ways in which our minds try to cope with the struggles in life.

Elttila is based on the latest research and educational strategies that are proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and others. Therefore, everyone could benefit from the Elttila self help program.

Is Elttila the same as therapy?

No, Elttila is not the same as therapy. The Elttila self help program is specifically designed for those who are wanting to improve their mood without the need for mental health treatment.

Our counselors will help educate you on the material that exists in the program, but they will not provide psychotherapy treatment.

We believe that you can improve your mood and take control of how you feel.

What will my Elttila counselor do?

Your Elttila counselor has been extensively trained in the Elttila program and will help guide you through the existing material. A counselor will meet with you for 55 minutes at a time. This enables the counselor enough time to ensure that you make as much progress as possible. We believe that shortening sessions to less than this amount of time reduces the effectiveness of education. Counselors are able to use the program to help you:

  • Vent
  • Educate yourself
  • Answer your questions
  • Make sure you understand the material
  • Complete the material including the worksheets and exercises
  • Keep track of your progress and your goals
  • Direct you to parts of the program that need more work

Is Elttila confidential?

Yes. Your work with Elttila is completely confidential.

While we are not required to abide by HIPAA laws because we don’t provide therapy – we treat your confidentiality with all of the security of a medical facility.

We want to ensure you that you get all of the privacy that you deserve.

For more information on confidentiality please see our privacy policy.

What to Expect During an Initial Appointment?

Scheduling that first appointment is hard – in fact it’s one of the hardest parts of starting this journey. This FAQ is intended to help you understand what to expect during that first session in hopes that it will ease some of your fears and help make that first big step towards a happier life.

The first thing to know is that you are in charge! You have all of the power to direct the conversation. If there is a topic you want to talk about or a topic you don’t want to talk about – you are in complete control. After all, you are the leading expert on yourself – we need your feedback and your direction in order to help you accomplish your goals. We rely on you being a big part of the decisions with your coaching.

The first appointment is all about learning. Your counselor will ask some basic questions about who you are, how you are feeling, and what you would like to accomplish. You will get to know your counselor and they will get to know you. This is the largest part of a first appointment.

Once goals have been set and both parties are feeling more comfortable, your counselor will point out an educational direction for your time together. This usually means focusing some of your time on our program, some writings, or other educational material. They will explain the material as you go through it together. Your job is to take this new information, attempt to apply it to your life, and report back with your findings next week.

That’s it!