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Brad Messenger, LMSW

Brad graduated from Michigan State University. Shortly thereafter he opened a private practice in St. Johns Michigan. Having a natural gift for understanding people, Brad quickly saw the faults in modern psychotherapy. He believes that the current state of counseling in the United States is failing the people. Too many people get turned off by outpatient treatment – too many bad counselors doing less than helpful therapy techniques.

In his years of therapy practice, Brad created a new approach that is extremely powerful in combating depression, anxiety and a wide range of other emotional issues. Starting with just himself as the only therapist on site, Brad brought this unique approach to psychotherapy to his clients and to the community. The new age approach helped the business to grow quickly, and there became a greater need for Brad's counseling approach – so he trained other therapists in his coaching system.

He currently supervises and trains seventeen other counselors, social workers, and psychologists, and oversees the treatment of 6,000 therapy, psychology, and substance abuse treatment sessions per year. Believing that the approach is special to the world of mental and emotional health, Brad expanded his services online to help people around the world.

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