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Finding a therapist can be a difficult process, often complicated by out-of-date therapist listings or professionals without appropriate, high-level expertise.

We employ only the most effective therapy strategies, presented by the highest-caliber professionals. We call our experts “counselors” rather than therapists because the goal is to help you discover your best self – not to “fix” what isn’t wrong with you.

We are ready to share our knowledge with you. Are you ready?




Everything about the Elttila system is more cost effective than traditional therapy.

Meeting with a counselor outside of 9-5 office hours means taking less time off work. Our online model means savings on gas, travel time and babysitter costs.

Traditional-model psychotherapists charge between $150 and $300/hour. Working with an Elttila counselor saves as much as 80 percent over traditional therapy.


Your free time is our prime time. We make evening and weekend availability our top priority.

Access the program anywhere, any time. Work at your own pace.

Our program is 100 percent confidential -- no more worrying about meeting new people or seeing your neighbors at the therapist’s office.

Find an appointment that’s convenient for you!


Our counselors are all pre-screened by our founder to ensure that each one is of the highest quality. No more wasting time trying to find the right fit.

We tailor our insights to provide what you need in a professional online interaction, at a time and in a setting that is most convenient for you.

No wasting time. No reclining on the couch. No childhood analysis. No ivory-tower therapists.

Benefits Outpatient Therapy Elttila Personal Coaching
Price $150-300
Per 50-minute session
Per 60-minute Session
Learn New Coping Skills
Learn About the Human Mind
Learn About Your Symptoms
Reduce Stress and Improve Mood
Track Your Progress
100% Confidential
Stay in the Comfort of Your Home
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24/7 Appointments
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